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Our story

Founded in 2021 in London, we were tired of seeing the same suitcases being dragged through cities across the world. Our goal ever since has been to shake up the industry and provide alternative, community driven and sustainable pieces.


Accessibility over exclusivity

In the age of current fashion where trends pass by like the seasons - we wanted to create something that could be timeless. Our company was born out of the idea that style doesn't need to be expensive because let's face it, the baggage handler at the airport may not be as careful with your new suitcase as you might be.

That's why our pricing model prioritises accessibility over exclusivity. We want everyone who wants a PASTELS to be able to get one, hassle-free.

our design philosophy

Dig into the details

Our design philosophy is simple - we wanted to create a colourful, clean suitcase that stands out from the crowd.

That's why we've carefully detailed every single element across the design, concept and manufacturing stages. From choosing the exact composition of the colours for each component to considering the most efficient and easy use of interior space.

Our quality

Push it to the limit!

All of our products undergo a stress testing phase to ensure they can survive the toughest travel conditions. From drop and tumble tests to handle jerk and wheel mileage tests, we've pushed them to the limits so you dont have to!


Less is more

We think our designs speak for themselves. We try not to over-design any of the elements on our poducts and let the colours do all the talking.

Just like the plain white t-shirt will forever be a classic, our simple but colourful designs will stand the test of time.


Building sustainably

We're conscious about the footprints we leave behind. That's why we're commited to offsetting all the carbon emissions our shipments produce on every order.

To find out more about our climate initiatives, follow the link below:

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Thank you!

We're just a small team based in London and we've put everything we can into building this company! So we just want to extend our thanks to you for taking the time to check us out!


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